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I provide a unique approach to improving your home or work environment with a focus on evidence based design and feng shui alignments. Contact me to heal your environments, clarify your life intentions and create positive re-enforcements. 

Together, we will work through the four phases of feng shui:

cleaning       clearing       affirming     energizing 

Angela Mazzi is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Licensed Architect practicing in Cincinnati, OH

As  Form School certified feng shui practitioner and architect, I blend my knowledge of the built environment and its psychological impacts with feng shui principles to find harmony, balance and fulfillment to my clients based on their particular needs.  

I am certified in evidence based design and specialize in manipulating access to light, choices of color and materials and built elements can to affect energy and well being.  My work to express wellness through design has earned me prestigious Fellowship in both the American Institute of Architects and the American College of Healthcare Architects. 

My clients benefit from my knowledge of architecture and deep knowledge of how space affects us physically, mentally and spiritually.   Based on your needs, we set intentions and work to manifest them in every room through proper balance of yin and yang energies, the five elements and the ba gua map.


Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Form School. Trained at East Coast Academy of Feng Shui

Evidence Based Design Accredited Professional, Center for Health Design

Licensed Architect, Ohio and Arizona

Bachelor of Architecture with minors in business and architecture history, Carnegie Mellon University 

Master of Architecture, thesis on socio-cultural issues in design, University of Arizona
phone: 216-288-4398