Home Consultation: Align the energies of your home with the personal needs of you and your family members.  Includes phone interview, 2 hour personal consult at your home, 1/2 hour follow up phone interview four weeks after your consultation. $350.00 

Deluxe Home Consultation: In addition to the in-home consultation, you receive a report which includes an energy assessment for each room in your home and floor plans of each level overlaid with the ba-gua map. $650.00 

EXCLUSIVE! Invigorate Consultation: For existing clients only: Has six months, a year or more passed since your consultation?  Recalibrate your home's energy to the new place you have arrived in your life.  Includes one home visit and reference to past Healing and Growth consultation.  $100.00

Feng Shui Coaching: Many times, after receiving a consult clients find they have uncovered deeper issues that will take them several months to fully resolve within their spaces and their lives.  This is a perfect opportunity to keep yourself accountable to the process by scheduling additional follow up sessions with me.  Each session lasts 1/2 hour and is conducted via phone.  $35.00 

Corporate Consultation: Perfect for business owners or executives looking to enhance sales or growth within their industry or attract/retain quality employees. Includes phone interview, two hour personal consult at your business, report.  $600.00 

Business Consultation: Just for individuals who want to enhance their personal work environment $100.00

Landscape Consultation: Add on to home or corporate package or just focus on your property alone- this is a great way to explore site enhancements or correct problems in the environment. $50.00

Student Consultation: The perfect gift for a high school graduate- have that dorm room or new apartment optimized to increase your academic success $50.00
Whether you are looking for a major overhaul of your space or a tune up to bring you into greater harmony, there is a service package to fit your needs. Just complete the Inquiry form or call for additional information including custom packages and bundling discounts.  

Customer Feedback

"It is a really great experience! I gained clarity about what I want from my relationship and career and am already starting to see results."
-Alicia M

Angela is a very gifted Feng Shui expert. She has helped me and my friends "get our houses in order" energetically. I have learned a tremendous amount, just in conversation with Angela, about how placement effects mood, feelings, energy, health, and prosperity! I highly recommend connecting with Angela and Feng Shui.......Your life will change foe the better!!! Visitors to our home often say " It just feels so good in here!" There is no greater compliment! Thank you, thank you, Angela
-Liz L

"I got valuable information from Angela on how to develop an addition to my client's property and strategic locations for landscape features."
-Michael Z

Are you feeling stuck in some aspect of your life?  Whether it's your health, a relationship, career or financial issue, feng shui can help redirect the energies around you to draw the positive things you want in life while correcting the things that are depleting you.
Yes- I want the online class for just $10.00