Feng shui is consciousness. Choose to embrace your own well being and to create an environment both nourishing and restorative. Feng Shui Lifestyle

Imagine attending a big meeting wearing colors that enable you to communicate and be heard effectively, wearing gemstones that aid you energetically in your day's intention and being able to sit in your personal power position.

Imagine your home supporting your health and wellness while helping you maintain progress towards your goals.

Personal feng shui is a powerful tool that goes further than simply aligning space or correcting energy blocks.  I have seen it play a role in one client finally ending a toxic relationship so that she could attract the lover of her life.  I've seen it help another leave a job that was so stressful it was eroding her health and still another be able to have hateful neighbors who harassed her move away.  Personal feng shui is an empowerment tool that puts you on the road to achieving the life of your dreams.

I begin each feng shui session with a personal feng shui consultation before ever going to see the property.  By decoupling this service from the property feng shui, I can now offer a personal consultation to anyone anywhere and help you:

  • Unblock limiting beliefs

  • Target which areas of your life to energize using feng shui techniques

  • Provide you with your personal feng shui element and power colors and directions for business, health, wealth, and relationships.

Contact me to learn more about how personal feng shui can help you.  Each 60 minute session is just $50.00